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Breaking Through

It’s middle school, but there’s no doubt about the trauma some of the young students have experienced in their lives.  And the Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy program, and Andie Koplik Residency music therapist Courtney Biddle, elicited these comments from Rebecca Rost-Montieth, Neurodiverse Teacher in the New London, CT public school where they both teach: 

“We are soooo thankful for Courtney Biddle, music therapy, and the opportunity it gives our students.  This week I absorbed half of Ms. King’s class and our students enjoyed music therapy together. Today, a student who has refused to participate for the last two years not only participated but asked to learn how to play the piano and was given the opportunity. He actively participated with all of his classmates and they were all truly engaged for the whole session.

We are truly grateful for these opportunities!!”