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MT Stat PhotoIn the independent evaluator’s most recent report, one emotion singled out for analysis was “Proud”. Before their music therapy sessions, this emotion was mentioned by participating students in 16.9% of the instances. After their music therapy session, the frequency with which this emotion was mentioned more than doubled, increasing to 41.0%.

The evaluator's analysis showed that this was a “statistically significant increase."

Overall, the Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy initiative is making a difference in young lives, revealing new possibilities and, for some, changing their trajectory. As the evaluation report noted:

“In-depth conversations with the music therapists indicated that the benefit of the music program reaches farther than the instantaneous rise in positive emotions after the session. Because of the intimate involvement and unwavering dedication of the music therapists, some of the students now have plans to attend college, record their music, or learn to play an instrument.

They also improved expressing (positive) emotions toward others, and regulating their emotions, feeling better about themselves, and functioning better in school and at home.”

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