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Jâlé and Warren Trepp: Defined by PhilanthropyJale Warren

It was just over two decades ago that Jâlé and Warren Trepp first crossed paths with Michael Bolton and Executive Director Jackie Smaga, and learned of The Michael Bolton Charities, dedicated to advocating for and supporting women and children at risk from domestic violence and its aftermath.

From that moment on, the Trepps have been ardent supporters, as a friendship grounded in philanthropy and advocacy took root and blossomed through the years.

“We’ve helped each other, and support has gone hand-in-hand,” explained Jâlé Trepp. “There are no words to fully express what it means if you can help even just one person and make a difference in someone’s life. To be able to get more people involved, to bring in more people through outreach, and see the impact, it’s so rewarding.”

Philanthropy defines the Trepps. Warren is the driving force behind the development of the Parasol Tahoe Foundation, which has brought dozens of nonprofit organizations together under one roof to save on overhead, allowing more of the funds raised by each organization to go directly to the charitable purpose. It is an approach that has been replicated as an effective model, and proven consistently successful, combining the Trepps philanthropy and their innovative approach to maximizing resources for charitable causes in their community.

Through the years, Michael Bolton has lent a hand in the Trepps philanthropic endeavors, as the Trepps have helped The MBC and its efforts to support organizations on the frontlines across the country, continuing most recently with the innovative work now underway in the breakthrough music therapy program.

Jâlé and Warren have seen first-hand that the work of The MBC is “truly important” to Michael Bolton; “he loves to help people,” notes Jâlé, “it’s personal to him.” And, in turn, “we do anything we can to help. We’re very blessed to have success so that we can continue to support his efforts.”

In regards to the Beyond Trauma: Youth Music Therapy initiative, Warren applauds the use of music to “motivate and provide direction” to young people, allowing them to “realize their potential.” He adds, “that’s needed even more now, due to COVID.”

“Music is a special language, and it is what Michael Bolton knows best,” observes Warren. “He truly cares, and understands how valuable it can be.”

As The MBC’s work to end the scourge of domestic violence, and advocate for those hurt by it, now approaches three decades, Jâlé emphasizes that across society, efforts need to intensify.

“Enough is enough. We need to stand together and put an end to it, as we help those who have been harmed - women, children and all people. It’s been so silent in so many ways for so many years. It could be the person next to you that is suffering. We need to keep getting it out in the open, so people can help. And that’s exactly what this organization is doing.”